Our story

Inspiration for us has always come from our deep connection to the land and our plants. We love supporting others in their return to vibrant health and in the prevention of dis-ease, reconnecting to the harmony within.

We have followed our hearts and returned to the garden where we lovingly grow, harvest and create our remedies. We are fortunate to have our main herb garden in expansive country surrounds, alongside a river with mature and naturally grown plants and trees we wildcraft from too. We are respectful stewards of this special place. 

It is an honour and privilege to work with our plant allies, the ancient healers, allowing us to handcraft bespoke plant remedies that honour the spirit, energetics and body of both people and plants.

It is with gratitude that we acknowledge the calling of the plants, allowing us to access their intelligence and wisdom, inspiring our unique remedies. They continue to guide us as we walk this plant path. To us, the beauty of the garden reflects the beauty we see in true humanity, and hopefully ourselves - beauty is our true nature.

Having our hands in the soil, digging, weeding, planting and harvesting, combining our energy with nature, is where alchemy begins. We love what we do!

Diane & Megan
Diane & Megan

organic & wildcrafted ingredients

personalised service available

courier or pick-up in store

what our customers have to say...

"Wonderful ladies and a beautiful place to come and find what makes you feel better. I'm always coming back for the Vitamin C which these ladies make as it is extremely high in Vitamin C and tastes delicious. They also sell "Immunity Fuel" at a good price, another thing I need every day. There is a remedy for most things in this garden"

Got some Gastro-Calm, what an amazing product. Works really well for reflux.

Picked up a fantastic digestive herbal remedy from here. Great selection of natural products and even beautifully handmade soaps. Definitely worth a visit.

Helpful advice and great throat spray and lymph clear cream for those lumpy glands in my neck.

I cannot recommend these beautiful ladies highly enough. Their knowledge and experience is amazing and their assistance and recommendations have helped the health of my family immensely. They have a beautifully warm and kind approach and you feel instantly at home in their presence. I know the natural health needs of my family are in very good hands with these ladies. Thank you SO much xoxo


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