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My greatest passion lies with our plants. Growing and nurturing them, harvesting and manufacturing them into our medicine, listening to know how they wish to be used, and being surrounded by their energy and beauty inspires me! It is my hope to inspire others to understand how they can include plant foods and medicine into their lives.

As a Medical Herbalist, Naturopath and Bowen (Bowtech) practitioner, it is a privilege to use my skills to support and empower others to better health and wellbeing using herbal preparations, nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle and the gentle body work of Bowen. 

It's an absolute pleasure to work alongside clients of all ages, and often their families, through pregnancies to newborns, and all stages of life. 



My life long pursuit of wellness has lead me to incorporate my natural healing abilities with technology, research, and the magic of nature.

I honour your body's natural healing abilities and reconnect you to the beauty and power of the divine... innate to all true human beings... the flame of aliveness.

I utilise the Indigo Quantum Biofeedback device in my consultations and healing sessions along with hands off healing, forensic healing techniques and herbal and nutritional based energetic remedies when required.

My clients leave my clinic having shed much of the stress and confusion of modern life in an increasingly toxic environment feeling calm, centred, balanced and generally shining brightly again.


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